Exist in photos - Yes mumma I am talking to you!

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Exist in photos - "for your children, for yourself, for the people who love you" Sue Bryce

Pick up your phone, scroll through your photos. Count how many photos you have of yourself that ARE NOT selfies. Now compare that to the amount of photos you have of everything else.... did you see a big difference? I bet if you are anything like me all the photos are of everyone else, your children, grandchildren, family and loved ones.

That's why existing in photo's means so much....When is the last time you had a professional portrait taken of yourself? Be honest. Many times when I have asked my clients just that they reply with "on my wedding day". If its been that long its time for YOU to exist in photographs.



Because - years down the track, when your children are grown and they go to look back at photographs what are they going to see? Sure its great to see fun selfies, but wouldn't you want to leave a beautiful portrait? One that can be passed on for generations to come? One that your family will cherish of YOU!! So book those family sessions mumma, be in photographs with your loved ones. Have something to leave behind for generations to enjoy. I love looking back at old photographs of my grandparents, which takes me to my next point - PRINT THOSE PHOTOS!! Don't leave them on a phone, computer or USB - years from now those images wont be accessible, technology changes so frequently. Don't loose those moments, print them, hang them on the wall, make a beautiful album so that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

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