Keeping them Little Forever
No-one can prepare you for the feelings that will sweep over you when you meet your little one for the first time
His sweet new baby smell
Her pouty lips and chubby cheeks – she looks just like her daddy and your heart nearly bursts
The way he clenches his fingers around yours and your heart melts
The soft hair on her sweet head that you need to kiss
And oh my  – those perfect little fingers and toes


                                                                                     Booking before your due date

Perhaps you may be hesitant to book in before your baby is born, I know it can be a little stressful to think about booking in photo's when you have so much going on. You aren't even quite sure if you will be feeling your best. However, you will never regret booking this precious photos in I promise!! This is a time to be celebrated, and I want to be there with you capturing and celebrating too. I make my sessions really chilled out and you can just relax. Baby is never forced to do anything, as well as you and your family. We just hang out and have a good time!!

                                                             RELAXED POSING

I really work hard to make the session as relaxing and chilled as possible. I never over pose, and don't use crazy props. I am here to just capture you, your family and your brand new baby. That's it! No stress, just all of you together loving each other. Even if baby doesn't sleep, there is no stress. I know how to work with newborns, and I just follow baby's lead as we go.


                                                                                                  THE STUDIO

Burpengary meadows in North Brisbane, is our purpose built studio.

The studio has a couch to relax during the session, toys for the children to play whilst their newest addition has photos taken, and a bathroom/change area. I also have some dresses etc available if required.


                                                                        YES, IMMEDIATE FAMILY IS INCLUDED

All family is included in your newborn session, and I highly encourage everyone to be in the photographs. I deeply regret not having photos done when my baby was born - yes I took her photos, but to have professional images of us together is something I so wish I had done. I cant go back and do it, time is so very fleeting. This is such an important time and it goes by so fast, I always say if not for you, then do it for your baby. They are going to want photos of you to share with future generations. 

                                                                          WHEN TO MAKE CONTACT

Booking your newborn baby photography session, ahead of time is paramount. It ensures your precious baby can be scheduled into a date that suits you, and so that you don’t miss out of capturing this divine time in their lives. To book in, all you need is an estimated due date, and to be a minimum of 12 weeks into your pregnancy. 

I book limited newborn sessions per month as we need to be able to move session dates as we anticipate their estimated birth date changing. This is expected so we appreciate when you book in way before your baby is born.

                                                                  BOOKING A QUALIFIED NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER

Finding the perfect photographer to capture this important time in your life can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. However your new baby is not a toy, and ensuring that you book with a qualified professional who is trained in newborn posing, and safety is so very important. Spending a few extra hundred dollars to ensure you book with a trained professional will long be forgotten when you see the beautiful images that I was able to create for you, whilst ensuring the safety of your baby at all times. 

                                                                               YOUR SESSION DATE

Once your spot is secured with the session fee, it can easily be moved. Just keep us updated and we will move the session to suit.

 Lets make some beautiful memories!!


My newborn sessions are $650 CONTACT ME now to book in. This price includes your session and a gallery of images to download from your session. I do not have a particular number of images, I just capture the love, so depending on the session is how many images that you receive. Usually between 30 - 100 images.

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