the top ten baby names for 2020 revealed

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Every year I get super excited to read the top 100 baby names, having a look to see what the popular names of that year were and if I photographed any babies with those names. I photographed a few babies from the top ten last year, a Leo, Mia, Sophie, Grace, Harper, Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte, Jack, Oliver, Theodore and a William! Its so much fun finding out how many children were named a particular name, and which names have stayed most popular. Isn't it funny how some names can be popular again and again!

I thought it would be kinda cool to share this list with families expecting their new babies, something to give you some help when trying to think of some names for your little one. It can be a little daunting at times when trying to come up with that perfect name.

I know that teachers and childcare educators in particular would find it very hard to hear a name and not put a particular student you've taught to that name. When coming to choosing a name I know that was something that I found a but tricky being an educator before starting my business full time meant that a lot of names that were being chosen by my husband for my daughter were names from students that I remembered and not always for their "good" behaviour haha. We went with Lola, and the reason her name was extra perfect was because I hadn't met a little Lola before.

So here it is, the top ten boy and girl names in Queensland 2020 and how many there were....  



Girls                                           Boys

 1.Charlotte 359                 1. Oliver       524     

 2.Olivia        320                 2.Noah         383   

3. Isla           319                 3.Jack           324  

4. Amelia     295                4. William    322      

5. Mia          256                 5. Henry       307    

 6. Ava          247               6. Theodore 283      

7. Harper    227                 7. Elijah         273   

 8. Willow    226                 8. Leo            267   

9. Grace      222                 9. Thomas    266  

10. Sophie    206               10. Hudson    263   


To see the top 100 names follow this link....




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