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Capturing all that is you and your family. Moments in time to treasure forever.

A session can take as long as we need, we won’t rush at all and simply have a good time. We will spend lots of time ensuring that we are capturing YOU! I want to capture all that is you and your loved ones and while I do take posed shots I do try to limit my posing and work hard to capture you all together in the NOW!
If you have young children please bring along extra food, a drink and a toy/comforter that they love, just to make the session flow a little better. Please also bring along wipes and spare clothing (just incase!) Your session will be done during the golden hour so I plan it around an hour before sunset.
I use natural light only, so please be sure to be on time for your session so that we can get the most out of it. We can however do the session in the morning in my studio, but with family session the outdoors is so much more fun!
Clothing is very important, and if you are stuck on ideas, I am more then happy to share some links to blogs about clothing for shoots. Just pop onto google, and Pinterest you will find so much! I recommend staying away from fluro colours, no joggers, stay away from clothing with pictures or labels, and try to work your clothing together. Most importantly HAVE FUN!! Gone are the days where everyone has black or white shirts and denim bottoms.... I like my sessions to be full of life and color!
After your session I will then spend several hours working on them to ensure you see them at their finest. They will be cleaned up, color balanced, and edited to remove any blemishes in order to make sure everyone looks their best. When you view your images you will see them in a selection of colour and black and white finishes.
Family sessions are $450 and this covers:
*1 - 2 hour session (or as long as needed but wouldn't see it going longer then 2 hours)
*Post-session processing and preparation of your images
*20 images selected and edited by myself and provided to you via USB
The session fee is due at the time of booking in order to secure your date.  
To book a session all you need to do is contact me via email or telephone
• Please set aside an entire afternoon for your session
• Ensure you come on time
• Bring extra clothing,!
• Stay away from clothing with pictures or labels.
* If you are booking a family session and wish to have shots with you and your partner I would suggest bringing along someone to help with your child or children if they are quite young so that your focus is 100% on each other.

I promise I will listen to you
I promise you will be appreciated
I promise you will love your images.
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